Which Coffee Roaster?

Choosing a coffee roaster to supply great-tasting coffee supplies and coffee machines for business can be an interesting part of offering this service. There are lots of options from big name, mass producing coffee companies to small, artisan roasters. So how do you choose the right coffee roaster for your business or even for your home supply?

Coffee Roaster Tips

Start the process by forming a list of coffee roasters in your area if you want to visit them. By shortlisting several suppliers, you can then have some focus on where to do your research. The South West is lucky enough to have some excellent coffee companies, such Honest Coffees based down in Plymouth, who specialise in commercial coffee machines and gourmet Fairtrade coffee – so you won’t struggle to find a supplier that suits your needs.

Most roasters will offer samples for you to try and find what you like. Don’t get side-tracked by anything but the taste and quality – fancy packaging might look nice on the shelf of your café but if the taste doesn’t match, it is a fail.

You can also scout the competition or other businesses that use coffee in the area – either tell them what you are doing or go incognito and just ask a few questions about their supplier. Then you can check them out yourself.

South Coast Roasters

For businesses based around the South Coast area, there are a lot of coffee roasters to choose from spread across the region. Here are a few suggestions to help you start you list.


Pharmacie are based in Brighton & Hove and offer wholesale coffee roastery facilities as well as venue and training if you want to have staff trained in the art of making really good coffee. The beans are all ethically sourced Arabica and of the highest quality that are hand roasted on a Giesen W15.

Decadent Decaf Coffee Company

Decadent Decaf is the first Swiss Water decaf company in Europe and offers coffee made from beans from Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Indonesia as well as Espresso Blends. All beans are freshly roasted in the UK and they do offer shipping.

Wellington Coffee

Wellington Coffee are roasters, wholesalers and retails of hand crafts coffees that are all made from ethically sourced beans. Each batch is made in small amounts on a daily basis and beans are used from around the world. All are sampled and selected for their quality to guarantee the end product.

Coffee Direct

Coffee Direct offer over 100 coffees from around the world including rare and exclusive types such as Blue Mountain Jamaica. They offer trade and delivery and have collections, origin and blended coffees and even coffee pods for different coffee machines.

SO Roast

SO Roast are a Southampton based roaster who offer 100% Arabica beans that are carefully selected from ethical and sustainable sources. They use small batch roasting and timed delivery to ensure you receive the freshest coffee and can use wholesale and guest roasting as needed.

Crafted Coffee Company

The Crafted Coffee Company offer microscale roaster services to ensure the highest quality of product. All their products are taste tested on volunteers around the country and they offer blends as well as single origin coffees.

Getting the Right Bean

These are just a few of the South Coast’s roasters who offer their high-quality products to businesses and private customers. Sounds like an excuse for a coffee tour!